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Core & Flexibility

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Welcome to Complete Personal Fitness Training!

fitness articles


Being fit & healthy means feeling great! We often talk about being fit or getting fit.... but what is the best way to achieve this? We have articles that will get you started on fitness training from walking to running, and explain the numerous benefits of keeping fit for your health, energy levels, and well being!

strength training articles


Resistance training is fantastic for your health, but a lot of people arent sure where to start with weights. Read articles on how to use weights or resistance training to gain strength, increase your muscle tone, gain muscle mass, reduce injury risk, speed up your metabolism for weight loss, or even help combat osteoporosis....

nutrition articles


Confused about what to eat? With so many crazy diets and conflicting information out there we're not surprised! We have free nutrition articles based on a common sense approach to sensible, nutritious and healthy foods for weight loss or healthy eating....

motivation articles

Motivation & Inspiration

So often we start a fitness program only to drop out after a few weeks. Consistency is the key to great fitness or weight loss results, so learn how to get inspired, set goals you can achieve, and then stay motivated & focused on your fitness training for great results in fitness, health, or weight loss!

core flexibility

Core & Flexibility

Can't touch your toes? Or is your six pack abs looking more like a keg?! You need flexibility and core training! Read these articles on stretching, abdominal or core exercises, swiss ball movements, back rehabilitation & care, and more...

pre post natal fitness

Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Articles on fitness guidelines for Pre & Post Natal fitness training, ACOG standards for intensity and type of exercise when pregnant, and some of the physical changes Mum's can expect before and after pregnancy....

health wellness

Health & Wellness

There's more to being healthy than just physical exercising. Being healthy and happy means a balanced level of contentment in your mind, body, and soul. Learn how to live a long and happy life with these articles!

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