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Core & flexibility articles

Can't touch your toes? Flexibility is something we don't often take care of but a well stretched and flexible body will perfrom optimally and reduce your risk of injury.

Core training or abs training will improve your posture, reduce lower back pain, and increase your general strength.


Why should I stretch: good reasons to stretch after a training

Core muscle training: how to work your abs

Plantar fasciitis: causes and treatment

Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries: treatment, management and stretching

Choosing a mattress for back pain: the right mattress makes a big difference

Reduce back pain with correct office chair set up: good office ergonomics

Core stability and swiss ball training: tips and techniques for great abs training

Plantar fasciitis: new research on stretching for treatment of heel pain

Pronation and supination: common foot problems explained

Should you stretch before or after training: why stretching is important

Knee injuries can lead to arthristis: take care of your joints!

Sit back, or lie down, to ease back pain: office chairs are better at an angle for back pain

The secret of clumsiness: why do we sometimes fall over?

TV can ruin your back muscles

Don't try this at home: amazing balance on a swiss ball!

Choosing the right shoes for fitness training

Choosing a mattress for better sleep: the right mattress makes a big difference


The health, fitness & personal training content displayed on these pages is for information and educational purposes only. It does not replace, nor should it be considered an alternative to, a medical consultation. Always consult a doctor, personal trainer, or other health professional before beginning an exercise program. All content copyright Complete Personal Fitness Training Manly Sydney NSW 2007.


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