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It all starts with a dream! To get off the couch, brave the cold, push yourself when it hurts, and stay on track you need to set goals, be inspired, and keep your eyes on the prize. Motivation is a must when it comes to achieving anything in life, and exercise is no different! You don't need to be flashy, just consistent, and you'll find all the motivation & inspiration you need in the following motivation articles.


Intensity for weight loss: train hard to get the best weight loss results

Motivational quotes: be inspired by these great motivational quotes

Training principles from the Biggest Loser Australian TV series: we look at what helped the Biggest Loser participants get results

Setting great goals: two articles on how to set goals

New Year, New You? get started in the new year with great motivation

Tune in for better performance: get better training when you use music

Ronald McDonald a fitness guru?!

Don't think, just do it: so often we talk ourselves out of training!

Do good in the world: do a Greenpeace Charity Challenge

Sharpen your focus: zero in on what you want and don't stop until you achieve it!

Motivational quotes: be inspired by these great motivational quotes

Managing change: it's never easy to change

Profile on Chris McCormack: an Australian Ironman legend



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