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Pre natal & post natal fitness articles

We have free articles on fitness guidelines for Pre Natal & Post Natal fitness training, training while pregnant, accepted standards for intensity and type of exercise, and some of the physical changes to expect before and after pregnancy. Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us your question on pre or post natal health & fitness.


ACOG exercise guidelines during pregnancy: see what ACOG say about fitness training when pregnant

Alcohol and pregnancy: is alcohol safe to drink when you are pregnant?

Tips on the supine position during pregnancy

Heart rate or exertion limits when pregnant: learn how to monitor your intensity

Fetal temperature: monitoring your temperature when pregnant is critical

Pregnancy week by week: a calendar of your pregnancy

Pregnancy and back pain: why is back pain during pregnancy so common?

Water & hydration during pregnancy: make sure you drink enough water!

Exercise beats pregnancy blues: fitness training helps with depression during pregnancy

Cardiovascular changes during pregnancy:

Tips to avoid excessive weight gain

Dangers of being bedridden during pregnancy: sometimes you need to stop being active but it can have consequences

Recommended reading list: great books on pre natal fitness & post natal fitness



The pregnancy, prenatal & postnatal personal training content displayed on these pages is for information and educational purposes only. It does not replace, nor should it be considered an alternative to, a medical consultation. Always consult a doctor, personal trainer, or other health professional before beginning an exercise program. All content copyright Complete Personal Fitness Training Manly Sydney NSW 2004 & 2005.

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