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Fitness articles

Being fit & healthy means feeling great! We often talk about being fit or getting fit.... but what is the best way to achieve this? We have free fitness articles that will get you started on fitness training from walking to running, and explain the numerous benefits of keeping fit for your health, energy levels, and well being!


Fitness gadgets: pedometers, heart rate monitors & GPS watches

Why is aerobic fitness training good for me?

Does walking work for fitness or weight loss: find out whether you should run or walk

VO2max fitness test explained: how fit are you?

Menopause and exercise for females

Soft sand running: how to get into running on the soft sand

Aerobic exercise: why we should do aerobic exercise and the benefits of it

Triathlon training: getting started in triathlon fitness training

Pedometers make you move: how to get more steps every day!

Pronation and supination: common foot problems explained

Cycle to work: lose the rush hour and get some exercise

Regular exercise reduces early death risk

Fit kids perform better academically: fit kids means smart kids

City to Surf: all about this famous running event in Sydney

Fitness events calendar in Sydney NSW: get out there and get active!

Stats predict the world record for the mile will get faster

Exercise strengthens your mind and improves your mood: more good reasons to train

Encourage your children to exercise

Boost your immune system with exercise

Fitness work is exercise for your brain too

Swimming tips for better swimming fitness training: learn to swim, not sink

Exercise helps to keep your lost weight off for good!

Exercise lowers employer health costs: why business should invest in health

ACSM position stand on aerobic exercise

Fitness events calendar in Sydney NSW: get out there and get active!


The health, fitness & personal training content displayed on these pages is for information and educational purposes only. It does not replace, nor should it be considered an alternative to, a medical consultation. Always consult a doctor, personal trainer, or other health professional before beginning an exercise program. All content copyright Complete Personal Fitness Training Manly Sydney NSW 2004 & 2005.


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