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You dont need to get bulky and big for weights training (aka resistance or strength training) to increase muscle tone, add shape to your body, improve posture, make your bones strong, and much more! Strength training with weights is a great way to really improve your health, so read our free articles to find out how to train safely and effectively with dumbells, free weights, machines, and body weight exercises.

Weights training is great for older adults: keep fit, active and strong

Improve your body image with weights training: strength training makes you feel good about yourself

Muscles of the body: find out where all your muscles are

The age related metabolism myth: think weight gain in later years is inevitable? Think again

Starting a weights program: get started with weights training

Should you do areobic and weights on the same day? here's an article that explains all

The physiology of aging: a comprehensive article on aging by the ACSM

Why women should lift weights: why females should add weights training to their program

Anatomy of your body: the triceps muscle

Anatomy of your body: the biceps muscle

Improve your golf with strength training: drive longer, swing harder

Resistance training guidelines: our guidelines for good weights training

NSCA strength training guidelines for female athletes

How long should I rest between sets?

Periodisation and program planning: learn about periodisation and it's importance to weights training

Will weights make me bulky? we look at a common concern about weights training

Can you squat?! a study on the humble squat exercise

Strength training reduces depression in the elderly

Anatomy of your body: chest muscles aka pectoralis major & minor

Strong bones to prevent osteoporosis risk: improve your bone density with weights training

Anatomy of your body: the triceps muscle



The health, fitness & personal training content displayed on these pages is for information and educational purposes only. It does not replace, nor should it be considered an alternative to, a medical consultation. Always consult a doctor, personal trainer, or other health professional before beginning an exercise program. All content copyright Complete Personal Fitness Training Manly Sydney NSW 2007.

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