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There's more to being healthy than just exercising. To be truly healthy and happy we need to find a balance between our exercise, nutrition, social life, friends, family, work, time in nature, and individual pursuits to name a few. Read on to find articles on longevity, inner peace, happiness, and general health & well being!


American Cancer Society: cancer prevention guidelines

Good sleep: it's essential for health, wellness, and fitness training

Australian parents ignoring their overweight children

Happiness related to health: get training and smile!

Sleep and weight gain: good sleep can help with weight loss

Waist circumference correlates to health risk: what is WH ratio?

Vitamin C may not prevent colds: but still eat your fruit

Cortisone and cortisone injections explained

Happiness means better health: a smile a day keeps the doctor away

Waist to hip ratio: this measure gives a good indicator of your health risk

Diabetes: find out more about this increasingly common condition

Get fit, feel sexier, 'perform' better

Money can't buy happiness: that old saying is true

Pronation and supination: common foot problems explained

Amazing facts about your body!

Amazing facts about your body (part II)!

Optimism and longevity: being positive helps you live longer

Exercise rates high on falls prevention list: improve balance and reduce risk of falls

Metabolic syndrome reduced with exercise in elderly: being fit staves off a number of old age afflictions

Couch potatoes have greater diabetes risk: strangely enough sitting down doesnt make you healthier

Dealing with stress: learn to be better at stress management

Blood pressure: what is blood pressure and how to reduce it

Good reminders: tips for better health and wellness

Will we live forever?

Quiting smoking can halve the dangers: quit smoking and greatly improve your health

Why are men less healthy than women?

Eat less: calorie restriction is the key to a long life

Healthy mind, healthy heart: get fit and improve your mind and body



The health & fitness content displayed on these pages is for information and educational purposes only. It does not replace, nor should it be considered an alternative to, a medical consultation. Always consult a doctor, personal trainer, or other health professional before beginning an exercise program. All content copyright Complete Personal Fitness Training Manly 2004 & 2005.

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